Comment to my work by Monika Małkowska:

"The work of Paulina Lignar ...Minimalist. Do not appropriating us, not pulling tre. Seemingly on the side. Quiet and "smiling". The seemingly naive (children hulking letter). Supposedly "feminine" (for embroidery). In fact - critical. Do not nice. Sometimes painful. Sometimes poetic - but in a way tied to the visuals. Always mocking the stereotypes ".
Monika Małkowska - art historian, art critic


Author's commentary by Jaś Kapela to "Scars":

"We all have scars. Each scar has its history. One writer I know told me, that when on the workshops he has with children the conversation is heavy going, he organises a contest on the best scar-story. There were always some kids ready to recount their private martyrologies.  We don’t like all the scars we have, but each of them has its meaning. It teaches a lesson about the delicacy of the vulnerable human body. Paulina Lignar’s “Scars” intrude the landscape, they mark arteries of the cities, texts and family photographs, they reach the horizon. The whole planet is covered by the marks of wounds. It is a gloomy vision, but it’s true. We live on the cemeteries, on the ground full of dead bodies. Human remains fertilize our fields and our histories. Yet on the graves life rebirths. On the battlefields trees and flowers are growing. The children play on them. Sometimes they fall and cut their skin on the rock, they start bleeding. The circle of life goes on marked by scars."


Jaś Kapela - Polish poet and writer, winner of the first Polish slam in history. Publicist of Krytyka Polityczna.

Paulina Lignar - visual artist

Paulina Lignar

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2000 - 2005 - Academy of Fine Arts Jan Matejko in Krakow, Painting Department, studios - prof. Leszek Misiak and prof. Adam Wsiołkowski

2004 - Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna, Painting Department, conceptual studio - prof. Adi Rosenblum

2005 - diploma at the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts Jan Matejko in Krakow in the studio of prof. Adam Wsiołkowski