Portraits of known and unknown
"Life line" - a collage using safety pins and red yarn or a cord. "In 2016, the safety pin in the homeland of punk rock became a symbol of solidarity with the more and more persecuted minorities. The British decorate their clothes with a symbol of racial tolerance and to promote reconciliation with immigrants."

Experimental works

In the works "Scars" from the cycle "Blood is in us" I am talking about suffering in general. We get our first scar in the very moment of our birth when our umbilical cord is cut off.

The question is: why scars exclude us, why are we ashamed of our scars? It is so natural that we are not perfect and not made to measure. Do we always have to be great to have friends, position, recognition and acceptance? The point is to be aware of the scars that are part of our lives.

The fact that I have recently carried out "Scars" in nature photographs is a metaphor of life, of the world which we come from and which is or should be close to us.




"Scars" embroidery











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